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    Default Re: [Nexus] AMEN XLIV: Beware Falling Flowers

    Quote Originally Posted by D_Lord View Post
    [Main Room 3.0?]

    I never left. That is why you said I'm in charge of building. Also Stu you owe me cake, or part of yourself.

    Eyes start opening on the walls and the ceiling.

    And what would one of AMEN's great guest would like totalk about?
    The hooded figures laughs as he raises his hands in the air.
    Haha! Well ain't this a splendid surprise! Its a talking wall! With its own pair of eyes, or should I say pairs of eyes! Simply MARVELOUS! Its a pleasure to meet ya sir, madame, whatever you are. it matters not to me. Come, sit, share some tea with me why dontcha? Boiled it me-self using the tears of this adorable little unicorn I maimed and dismembered earlier this morning.

    Sure enough the crazy hooded loon is sitting in a floating holding a pot of tea. It smells sweet, not that he'd really expect the wall to smell anything. Though it wouldn't shock him if it did. After pouring a cup for himself he continues blathering on
    Unfortunately, your little companion lied to you though. I don't have any cake to give you to on this occasion. Would ya take a "Warning of Apocalypse resulting in the End of All Life as we know it" for compensation? If you don't I'm gonna tell ya about it anyway. Consider it a present! Ooo! I hope today's your birthday then!
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