The mysterious nods with a smile. He doesn't appear offended that the wall just rejected his tea one bit. Then again he hasn't even touched his.
I could not agree more with you. But male unicorns are so these days. Oh, but male tears have sweet taste. That reminds me I got to find one sometime. Now that introductions are out of the way, onto buisness.

Unfortunately, as much I enjoy the daily routine mass murder, maybe the occasion genocide, I'm afraid this one takes a bit farther then I please. Some young lad, barely 900 years old within my group doesn't much for this end of all life. Oh by the way, were called the Sages of Nine by the way. Anywho, we caught some ancient creature, or being, or whatever fancy for naming it. We chose the term The Plague. It goes about eating the usual stuff ancient beings of pure evil would: humans, cats, cattle, mountainsides, planets, a bit o' salad here and there, and anything else sentient or made of matter. Apparently he whiff of you guys and we foresaw him coming here and making you guys at AMEN and all the other Organizations into a nice 7-Course Meal. You'll squabble with the Plague, but he'll win and eat'cha all the same, and then game over for all of us.

We Sages didn't take much a liking to that especially the little sprite, think his was Velvetta, Valsalvo, Vallasito; eh some fancy elvish name. The little pup asked me and the other sages to go about this Nexus world, a fancy name if I do say so myself. He wants us to go around speak with the other Organizations. He thinks he broker some kind of alliance, or agreement with all you lads. He's cooking up a plan right now with some fancy god-killer artifacts he's locating.

So what do ya say? Wanna team with some goody-two shoe lads and girls for a good old World-Ending Prevention Party?

Clearly this man's rambling would confuse most average people, and perhaps even the geniuses among this world. Nontheless, the man grins wryly at the wall with its many pairs of eyes hoping he got the message through.