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[Ilphy's Office]

"Wine. How... classic." Ilpholin says, setting aside the bottles some place where they wouldn't get in the way.

She'll open the briefcase and raises an eyebrow. "I thought I asked for small UnMarxed bills?"

[Ilphy's Office]

>.> <.< >.<

Owowowowow! It burns!

The Hatter notes that Ilphy doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about Roxanne's gift! Hah! He told her she should have gone with flowers but did she listen? Noooo! He'll rub this in her face next time she approaches him with a insufferably smug smile on her face and then, after he adumbrates the circumstances, she'll beat him up and...

Nope! That's a bad idea! Bad!

"Those bills are Marxed! I couldn't tell. They were so cleverly disguised!"