Memories - Part 12

I learned that day just how much a bullet hole in your leg hurts. Especially when you insist on walking on it.

After another ten minutes of walking, I had to stop. Selvik looked to me as I leaned my back against a wall and slowly slid down it, using it for support. I could hear the guard yelling at me over the radio, but I didn't care at that point. I waved my hand towards the hill in the center. "Go, go on. Get to whatever it is we're getting to."

Selvik looked to it for a moment, then sighed and sat down next to me. I wanted to protest, but I was too drained. That had been a while since somebody showed any kind of actual kindness to me. I liked it.

We did get a lucky break, though. Another minute went by, and we heard footsteps approach from behind us. We turned and saw two figures come out of an alley we passed. One was Trace, the Life Base. That got me feeling better. She could probably heal my leg. Selvik waved to her, but she only nodded her head a little. Her eyes were wide, and she kept throwing nervous glances to the man in front of her.

That man was Wolver, one of the Wind Bases. The one who got the scythe. Said weapon was being carried at his side. He had a kind of happy look on his face. When they got closer, I saw why Trace seemed worried. The blade of the scythe was covered in blood, leaving a trail of drops behind him as he walked.

Once they were close, Trace quickly went to Selvik, who caught her in a hug. Wolver put the end on the pole of his weapon on the ground like it was a walking stick and surveyed us both for a moment.

"So, you guys gonna call it quits?" He sneered a little.

Selvik raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Wolver waved his hand in the air a little as Trace knelt down beside me and started untying my makeshift bandage. "Quit. Give up. Not continuing. You know. Not completing the mission."

"Dude, she got shot in the leg. She can't walk more than ten feet without her leg giving out." As if to emphasize his point, I let out a hiss of pain right then as Trace moved my leg a little to look over the wound.

"Well, she's a whiner then." Wolver glanced at me for a moment, and the look he gave me made me wanna punch his head right off his shoulders. "If she can't continue, then take her out and keep going. Duh."

Selvik's hands quickly formed fists, and just as he started moving, Trace let out a loud whistle. Selvik glanced at her. Wolver did as well. He had his scythe up, ready to strike at Selvik.

"Will you two just shut up for a minute? I'm trying to work here!" She shook her head a little as she moved her hand over my wound. Her hand glowed a little, and I could feel the pain leaving. Selvik and Wolver watched, and a moment later, all signs of the wound were gone. I stood up and put some weight on the leg. It felt fine to me. I looked to Trace and smiled. "Thanks." She waved a hand. "No problem. Least I could do." Then she looked back to Selvik and Wolver. "Now, can we continue? I want to get out of here as fast as possible."

Wolver took the lead. He looked around a lot, as if he was looking for people to fight. Selvik was next. He also satyed cautious, but I could tell he was thinking more in terms of defense. Trace insisted on walking with me, in case her healing didn't hold for some reason. At least, that's the reason she gave. Based on the fact that she kept her eye on Wolver, I think she just wanted to be as far from him as possible.


And now, backstory of another character!

Sisters - Part 1

They say that blood is thicker than water. That the bonds with your family are the strongest and that they will stand the test of time. That your family are the most important people in your life.

That does hold true for my family, but probably not in the way they meant.

My parents were, to use an ancient term, hippies. They were both Life Bases. While they could heal just as good as any other Life Base, they also trained themselves further in the abilities that dealt directly with Life forces. At that time, they were probably the two people who had developed that area the most. So, when they found each other and shared their discoveries, you could say that they instantly fell for each other.

It took them a while, but my mother eventually got pregnant. With them being so involved in the process of life and creation, you could imagine their joy and surprise when they discovered that she was pregnant with twins. Given their attitudes about...well, pretty much everything, the names they picked for my sister and I should not come as a surprise.

Zavi and Ivaz.

I guess they thought it was cute to have twin daughters whose names were simply just reverse spellings of each other. I still think it is stupid. But, it is the name I am given, so I shall use it until I die.

Before we had even turned two, our parents had decided that they wanted us to have as close of a bond to each other as possible. It was their belief that sisters should live and die together, and should always be there to share in each others lives. They thought that about family in general, but siblings the most of all.

So, in the spirit of these beliefs, they combined their knowledge of their abilities to do something that, to my knowledge, had not been done before. Or since. They pushed themselves to the limit to achieve this one goal that, in their eyes, would create sisters that would have the closest bond possible.

They joined our life forces together.

Some of you might wonder about the details of the procedure itself. As I wasn't much older than a year at the time, I couldn't tell you these details. Suffice it to say that it probably took a lot of their energy, and might have even damaged their abilities in general. They were attempting something that shouldn't be done. No two living things should have their life forces connected directly like that.

In fact, I wasn't even made aware of this connection in any way until Ivaz accidentally discovered one of the consequences of it. Much to my dismay.