Oh...SleepyShadow's party...such fun not-quite IC antics...

I have been unable to use my computer...I need to write! So, have something I wrote ages ago.

In this episode, the Deck of Many Things nearly wipes out the party. Note that the next few snippets will be much more serious.

A new problem

In the pedestal room, we found an overwhelmingly powerful deck of magic cards. With an instruction book telling me that several of them would be a bad thing when we're fighting the full might of the Nine.

I was stupid enough to draw first. The card was black. The Void. My soul was ripped free of my body...and caught.

I found myself before the fiend-dragon that I made the pact with. It...changed. Into Asmodeus.

I think my pact may have been bought out after I got involved in this. I was hardly worth the effort before then.

That was...months ago, it seems like. Time flows differently in the Nine, so it can't have been long...though long enough for the same thing to happen to Logrim. So...he could take hold of a warrior of Tempus? That means he's more powerful than I thought...but it also means he doesn't hold any power over me due to the pact. The other card is my only chance...'writing' this in my mind is just a stopgap effort. If the other card from the deck doesn't save me soon, I'll go insane. Eventually.

There. The force that took hold of me is back. I feel...disappointment? ...Weighed in the balance.

Ah. I understand. I was tricked into a devilish pact when I thought I had approached a dragon...If I'm going to win free, I need to understand devils. Beat them at their own game.

Heh heh heh heh heh. I can do that. My erstwhile warden has noticed a change in me. I am offered a deal...I will be returned to my body, empowered to match my companions new strength. In exchange, I am to...continue just as before? That...helped him? Hm.

All right then. Back to my body, with new powers and gear. And all I have to do is best the Nine Hells themselves in a game of intrigue.

Let the games begin.