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    Default Re: PTTA-the lost king and the Cult of Arceus

    John's health 111/160
    Houndoom's Health 53/65

    John sees the movement out of the corner of his eyes but he can't fly out of the way and gets speared by two of the pidgeottos.He utters a solid grunt, but quickly recovers. He then hears Era telling him to move or be fried. So he quickly moves to his right. Which is out of the line of fire, and says back Fire at will, I'll weaken these two for you. He then concentrates and gathers all the electricity around him and Discharges it at the two pidgeottos that hit him.

    Uses discharge it makes a three meter burst
    accuracy check 2 or higher (1d20)[4](4) 15+ paralyzes
    damage (2d12+44)[9][1](54)
    Then times two for it being super effective... dumb birds just got fried.
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