"Ah, our first encounter in the temple... wonderful." Morcleon sighed.

"Well, if someone's sending these things at you, at least it means you're on the right track."

"Indeed. The very presence of a defensive force indicates that there is something, or someone, here that our enemy does not want found."

"Yes, but it also means there are things after me, which is something with which I will not put up!"

"For every spirit is a proper place in hell. And today, we shall be your deliverers!" Drawing his blade in one swift motion, he launched forward at the group of fiends, an azure haze of lightning covering the chokutō in his hand. His sharingan spun wildly as he ducked under a number of claws seeking his body. The quickly rising sound of a thousand birds could be heard as his sword flashed amongst the devils.

As his combo was finished on one creature, Morcleon lands, deliberately letting one of the attacking limbs come very close to his body. A large field of crackling electricity burst from him, arcing up the fiend's arm and disrupting it's muscles and nerves. Chidori Nagashi!