Verossa's eyes dart around the others, giving the steel clad knight a short nod of homage as to her social superior. This turns into a somewhat deeper bow when she has to hide a flushed smirk. She's so cute! I wonder if whoever fitted her armour did the job pro bono...ahem.

"I'm sorry, my manners are atrocious. Verossa Carmine, of Otorin late, as you just heard. Yes, silly name for a brunette. But the day I paint or dye myself is the day I take up pig-breeding. Anyway, speeches to the many and the more fortunate? Or shall we wander to this...pavilion" she smiles at the ominous pause, "make our pleasantries as we may, and see what horrifying wonders and wonderful horrors our future holds? You've got very odd eyes. Up late last?" She raises an eyebrow at the presumed Duskbuckler or Hexsword or Swashblade or whatever he was.