I listen intently, to every word of the announcements, just knowing that I would be selected. Especially when I hear my name ring out.

Saving the best for last I see

Seeing the others in uproar in this council of 6, I step forward, my Blonde Hair flowing in the wind as I stand towards the center of the gathering, calling all attention, or trying to anyhow.

Greetings! I am the one known as Daranad Zophokiel, it's a pleasure to be able to lead and fight with all of you!

Hearing Clearsights ominous remark, I comment

That strategy, Clearsight, is most unwise. Save the deceptions for the enemy, not for your allies. We must stand tall, together as equals, not as squabbling children. True heroes fight with both tactic clarity, and for the truth so scribed in the halls of history, and that is how we must fight!


Perform Oratory and Diplomacy to get everyone to agree with me, as I give that impromptu oration.
(1d20+9)[16] ; Diplomacy
(1d20+9)[26] ; Perform Oratory