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    Eleanora felt a cold tingle run down her spine, though whether it was fear or excitement, she couldn't quite tell.

    So this is it... They really did pick me then, didn't they? I just hope I hope I don't let these people down.

    Her demeanor changed somewhat, however, when she saw Lord Saltmist storm off in a rage.

    What a child! She grimaced, as she felt her heart sink deep into the pit of her stomach.You would think that now of all times would be the time to put such grudges behind. But knowing Lord Saltmist, he will not let this slight pass unanswered. They should not have chosen me.

    As she watched Saltmist go, her eyes caught sight of a small gathering of some other motley-looking characters from a variety of camps. My fellow saviors of the realms. El thought wryly. Perhaps I should best say hello.

    She strode over to the group, all too aware of the clanking of her armor, before kneeling in front of them.

    "Dame Eleanora Worthe of Stonehold, vassal and retainer to Lord Fernard of Autumnstar, at your service," Eleanora placed her right fist over her heart. "I pray that our alliance will be a long and fruitful one."
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