The Pit Fiend Tristan encased in an earthen shell shattered his make shift prison. However he was the only fiend left, suddenly however, a swarm of eight others came pouring out of the gate. Fire balls came pouring out of the gate as the eight pit fiends came swarming at the Personae. They would hit the ground and explode in a radius of twenty feet circles, clearly injuring or burning the Personae. Usually this would be too much to bear but the combination of powerful Souls within the Personae allowed them to bare pain beyond that of any Human. Some Personae, may have been immune or resistant to the fire, however.

Jacob noticed that as Ganon, the fireballs had no effect on him. With his Kamidogu staff, Jacob fired a blast of pale white energy at one of the Pit Fiends, causing it to slump to the ground, bleeding profusely as it now had a huge, gaping hole within it. Jake simply forced Shinnok's staff into the Pit Fiend's massive wound, and charged, causing it to explode in a shower of diabolic gore. He further turned and fired another energy shot at another Pit Fiend.