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    To say Floyd was having a “Weird” Day would even be putting into words how crazy things we’re getting for him.

    He’d woken up late as usual, having passed out while watching a movie at 4 in the morning. Maybe it was good to start sleeping earlier, then again that was pretty boring. After eating breakfast, and just messing around he decided to log onto A Giant in the playground forums. However this is when things got very..trippy, and nothing like what he’d experienced before. When he was on the forum Digimon suddenly became a reality as he became digitlized, and not only that four of his previous “Reincarnations” had been integrated into himself.

    That meant one thing, he could no longer deny reincarnation, it was real. The Light or whatever wanted him and others to fight some horrendous threat to the universe, and the investigation would start in some place called Sigil. Apparently there population 1,000,000 in total had vanished into thin air not exactly something that made him eager to begin his investigation. This whole thing was insane, only one thing was keeping him happy the integration of abilities from 4 of his favorite characters naturally all villains except one.

    “You’re my reincarnation? ?So that means you now possesse the powers of the genie as well, luckily you’re not trapped in some lamp like me. And there’s no street rats to interefere with us achieving ultimate control over the world!

    Right, all these maniacs in here, we need to be ready for anything, we have the power of the universe in hands, and we need to use it to defend the world don’t listen to these mad men.

    BUU SAYS do what Buu want! Do you what you want! These people are not useful for anything except in my stomach!!! Chocolate Chocolate!!!” Buu roared, of course it had to be Super Buu but hey was my favorite anyway.

    Onslaught was the quitest.” I have nothing to say, defending mortals, defending anyone they all dserve to be destroyed! Devoured!” Buu cheered at that last part, Kyle sighed, and JAfar shook his head obviously wanting to rule. So there was a conqueror, superhero, foodaholic with more power then Goku, and a destroyer.

    “This is fu….this is insane..” I had no words for this, as I felt dizziness, but the feeling faded as their powers we’re being integrated into my own. I was now more concerned about the change of scenery Sigil, he was sent to some temple filled with equipment. Of course none of ohis “past” Selves had anything of importance or did they. Kyle’s ring, I picked it up and slipped it on my finger feeling energy coursing through my veins, before I felt Kyle’s few energy. Of course I wasn’t ready for that, but this was still incredible.

    He arrived at the warehouse, apparently some bottle had taken place, according to the UNSC troops, then he overheard others talking suffering like he was from 4 previous incarnations within him. As he approached them, he was along with them sent to some temple. More confusing so he’d escaped the first battle against star troops, only to be pit against demons this was just great. I Began to feel the energy signals of those around me, one of Buu’s abilities no doubt.

    “This insane..this is, ugh fine this is cray, but I’m not even gonna argue I got super powers.” I saw Morceleon fighting and just chuckled, Sasuke Uchia? Now this was going to be more fun then he thought.


    “Alright let’s go pit fiends!!!!! “I stretched out my hands, and legs as an invisible but faint power began to surge around me. This was just the beginning as the aura took on a pinkish hue, and my skin briefly took on shades of pink, from black to pink interesting. I could only imagine what sort of racist jokes my friends would come up for that, as the more I gathered power the ground beneath me began to shake. “BUU WANTS YOU DEAD SO DIE!!!!!!” The power began to surge even more, the ground beneath my feet tearing apart, as if some massive earth quake was starting.

    I began to gather pink ki in my hand, while opening my moth roaring I fired three blasts two from my hands, and one from my mouth tearing through one of the pit fiends who dared to attack Floyd despite his display of power, it seemed Buu was the most aggressive of my previous four personalities. “ALRIGHT!!” With a nod, I flew forward body slamming into a pit fiend, then raising my arm into air extending it in length before raining down a hail storm of ki blasts on me and the fiend I’d just slammed into.
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