"Oh for the love of-" Conor is cut off as the fireballs engulf the area in embers, including him. The fireballs of the devils last longer than normal flame, flickering and roiling long after normal flame would have simmered down. He buries his face in his hands, but still sustain some burns from the fireballs, in addition to the massive impact damage from the force of the beast. He tries to get up, and manages to get onto one knee. And then up onto both feet, staggering. He sees the others, wheeling about, killing multiple Pit Fiends, and then the other Pit Fiends roaring out of the building.

"What, no. Those can't be real. There is no way." He tries to stand up straight, before a pain in his ribs forces him into a stoop again. He just observes for a bit, trying to regain his breath.