Erik Curses as he sees more fiends coming through.
'To think. one of those would be the one I just returned to hell.'

His shields however are holding strong, the power of the amulate empowering his shields, with the fireballs that touch him being just blasts of hot wind, his sheilds barely noticing any that aren't direct hits.

'Fall back and draw my stave, I shall deal with them.'

Slowly the Spartan fell back, dancing out of reach of the fiends claws, and then towards one fiend, something only psychics could see occurred.

Psychic energy billowed around Erik's head and around the staves tip, the energy from the stave flowed into his head, and then, guided by the power of The Seer of Ulthwe, Eldrad, The Psychic power thundered into a demon with enough force that it's mind should be immediately emptied.

Two uses of mindwar on a demon. The Demon's mind could take anything from no damage to emptying and the demon becoming lifeless.