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    Verossa steps forward and takes the Bard's hand, smiling. "It's very good of you to volunteer yourself for leadership. I've had some young, keen fellows leading me in my time. Although we wound up eating the last one. I hope you live up to your expectations. Or taste better with mustard."

    She turns to the Cleric. Who says "prithee" these days? Is he a tourist?"I would be displeased to have not met you on this not unbright day, and do not desire that we should not go together as we go not unboldly down the path of danger and of honour. Verossa Carmine. Outrageous Liar. At least, that's what I tell people"

    Then to the knight, managing not to blush this time as she dips her head. "Sir Dame. Knight. Lady. Ma'am. It seems we are as forwards together in this company. I hope that my glaive shall bite as deep as your sword, and my heart prove as firm. I am looking forward to having you." She pauses just long enough to let a horrifying feeling of wrongness creep into her. "I mean, as my partner. I mean, on the same team. I mean, serving under you. I mean--is that a Dire Hummingbird?"


    And then she pokes Halaban in the side. "Illusionist? Just making sure you're actually here."

    EDIT: Psst. Diplomacy specifically doesn't work on PCs.