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    I knew that Marlowe, . I'm using it to set a general mood to see how convincing I can make my argument sound. To show whether he was good at his job, and show that he was trying to sell something. I didn't want to Brainwash anyone as a Diplomancer is wont to do. You guys can disagree with the Diplomacy check all you'd like, but it just shows that I did an adequate job selling myself to the party as leader .

    I look at the brown haired damsel who has taken my hand, and swiftly remove at her biting remark.

    Madame, if you don't mind, I do enjoy partaking of forbidden fruit, but not of the lemons that are your words.
    I am glad that you are all so open towards my leadership, but I must equivocate and force, that you all hold equal say, and that since you agree and volunteer to this, I expect you to respect and listen my statements. Now,
    I find that we should consider first increasing the size of our squad here, into an army. Make a name for ourselves, and make sure that we strike fear into the hearts of these tyrants.
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