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    Okay, first things first, A few things might happen that differ slightly from the given posts, especially any second posts you may have made. Hopefully I can keep this to an absolute minimum. Is that cool? Here we go...

    The Fiends underestimated the speed with which 5 gestalt souls were able to react. What was supposed to be a strike was stymied almost immediately by a charge against them. The mass of flesh and bone shaped like a human leaped at them fastest, kicking one but swirling out of reach and onto a wall before they could realize they weren't the ones attacking. It proceeded to slash and slice with a whip made of its own flesh. Their skin flayed and muscles ripped, but any damage done seemed to toughen over instantly, and from the scars layered over their bodies, ZEUS could see that they had taken abuse like this dozens, perhaps hundreds of times before. He needed a different tactic.

    As he kept a few of the Fiends busy trying to snatch him from the wall, someone in advanced armor plowed into one, sending it someplace unknown with a crack and a wisp of smoke. Another person swung in around the soldier, lightning arcing from his body as he swirled and dodged away from claws by the skin of his teeth. When he was in the place he desired, he seemed to falter, allowing one of the Fiends (no longer worried about Zeus, who was momentarily out of reach), to grasp him with its meaty claw. The key word was seemed. In reality, as soon as it touched him, a huge amount of Watts coursed through its body. Its muscles twitched and its head was thrown back in an involuntary roar of pain. Morcleon however, had hoped that his lightning would be coursing through an open hand, not one closed around him. For now, he was trapped.

    The three other Fiends had three targets. Perfect. Each fiend tried for a different champion, with rather similar results. The one that tried to engage the girl, Kate, found itself slammed against the wall and then charged with a sword. Kate's stroke was true, and the fiend was pinned against the wall, howling in agony but still unrecovered from the wind. The weapon had some strange property that allowed it to truly damage the demon, blackish green blood and white ichor spilling out of the wound into the surroundings, yet not mixing together. The second was stopped not by an attack, which it would have resisted, or defenses, which it could have ripped through, but by trickery. Trickery and spellcraft laid it to rest in the earth, trapped by the oppressive scent of the cobblestone. And the last one was struck down in a duel by a sword enchanted by white fire, wounding its opponent in the process.

    So, those are sort of a summary of the first posts everyone made, woven together into a cohesive narrative. A few specific notes:

    Morcleon Erik (I'm dumb), your spell sent it to hell, but unfortunately, it's in Lawful Evil hell, which means everyone is chums, and it got sent right back. If it was a "Demon" and not a "Devil" (huge distinction, I know), it would have been sent to Chaotic Evil hell, where it would have been ripped to shreds and fed to Cerberus.

    Akaineko, your stab wasn't a killshot, but the Pit Fiend is now pinned to the wall by the sword. You would have to release it in order to use Excalibur again, or you can leave it and let the Fiend bleed to death.

    mkfuba07, nice pun. Also, clever strategy. Congrats.

    To anyone watching at this time of night/day, Part deux coming in just a little bit.
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