OOC: The reason Necron hasn't done much is because I would have been in shock, and shut down. The others have stepped up to basically fully possess Necron. It's how I act, I take everything in stride until I can shut down and work through everything, which due to the others i can do almost immediately.

Mercer in Necrons body blinks at the lack of effect and aims the wand he had been given, fully intending to blow it away. Only for nothing to happen.
"Hmm I guess the magic didn't cross over into other magics." Potter comments as ZEUS sprints straight up the wall ignoring gravity and propels as far up as he can before looking down, taking aim at a free monster and falls, very very fast straight towards it.
Slamming into something at terminal velocity would damage just about anything, Fiends unexcepted as the piledriver weighing twice as much as a regular human (he absorbed the Trooper remember) cracks the ground in a shockwave just from the transferred kinetic force from ZEUS to the Fiend to the ground.

Using the Devil as a springboard he double-flipped forwards, entire posture shifting as the virus relinquished control to the trained assassin (Lovett)
grabbing one of their claws he twists roughly, snapping the bone into an unnatural angle and sending the claw at it's owner's eyes.

Should anything attempt to attack Lovett he will move almost too fast for human possibility right out of the line of attack, conserving energy and only being a hairs breadth from the attack before locking eyes with the attacker and sending a brute-force Legilemency attack from Potter in an attempt to shatter it's concentration.