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    William limps onto the battlefield, using a sword as a walking stick, well behind everyone else.

    'Blast it, Orochimaru, these legs are only supposed to jump six feet, not thirty!'

    'Bah, that's your fault for being such a weakling.'

    'Just because I expected to live my life as a programmer makes me weak, now?'

    'You know, there look to be some creatures attacking your allies. Perhaps we should be helping?'

    'I've finished with the first round of integration. It's Aizen's turn now.

    Also, brace for a shock. The last thing to go through was my immortality technique.

    "Does anyone need he-"

    William's offer for aid is cut short by horrid choking noises, as he stumbles and retches, snakes pouring from his mouth.

    'Orochimaru, what have your done!? What is happening to my body, here?'

    The snakes swiftly multiply, and swords begin to appear from their mouths as they approaches the Pit Fiends in the form of an immense wave of snakes.
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