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    I fell asleep while writing part 2! Sorry about that, but I'm here now.

    Surprise is often said to be better than strength, and it certainly seemed to be in this instance. One devil dead, another trapped in the earth, one pinned to a wall, another who knows where, and one of the last two electrocuted? It seemed perfect. Until 8 more did a proper bum-rush, sending Fireballs through the gates ahead of them to blanket the area and prevent counter charges. At least in theory. Jacob, who had kind of missed out on the lightning-fast first attack, now pushed aside the flames and blasted a fiend in the stomach, shoving a long staff into the wound before it could "toughen" and then sending power coursing through it, destroying the demon's flesh. He then skips backwards, over near where Conor is recovering, blasting magic at the other devils.

    Erik, wearing full-body armor, is rather unperturbed by the flames, since they carry no shockwave along with them. Instead, he reaches out to the raging devils and attempts to silence their minds. The minds are very, very different from a normal person's. and it was hard, but he caused one of them to slump over, a vegetable. He grins inside his helmet briefly, before he picks up a tiny amount of psychic feedback. Opening his mind to allow power to flow through it also afforded him a glimpse at the mind he had just wiped. If anyone could see him under his polarized visor, they would have seen his skin turn very, very pale. His eyes widened. No mortal should ever know the kinds of things that go on in Hell. He was thus a little unprepared for another Pit Fiend to barrel into him, both of them crashing to the ground in a tussle.

    Necron aims the Wand of White Science at the demons from atop the wall, but is unable to fire it. He tosses it backwards, in the approximate direction of that kid who didn't like killing. Just as 2 more devils circle around the other side of the wall to harry him down, he jumps off, kicking one in the face to land solidly on the ground. He lets them approach a little ways, before running up the wall, zig-zagging to avoid the claws that cut through stone like it was butter. His momentum carries him up to the top of the wall, where he braces powerful legs and slams into a demon, newly armored head first. The devil hits the ground with a nasty crunch. Necron has broken something. And then, ripping the fiends claw off, he finds one of the only weapons that can damage them fully. He rips its head off and turns to the other three, that have surrounded him. While the other souls within him continue their various assistances, ZEUS just grins, ferally. This is gonna be good.

    Tristan looks back and forth from the demon he trapped and the others beginning to rush around. He doesn't want to let his eye off the one in the stone, but the others really are more of a threat... When he looks back at the one he took down for the 7th or 8th time, it is gone. Just, dissolved. He looks around, first left, then right. He drops into an alert crouch, every voice in his mind pushing the extreme danger button as hard as they could. What spidey sense didn't let him react to in time though, was the massive invisible fist that hit him just under the ribs, throwing him 50 feet backwards, to roll heels over head before landing, apparently relatively unharmed.

    Kate still has her hands on the hilt of Excalibur. The demon trapped by it is looking at her very nastily, but two more are approaching in their way, which was lightning fast. She needed to make a decision, to fight two demons without her sword, or three with it. Okay, two and a half with it, really. This thing on the wall looked almost dead.

    As soon as he saw the other Pit Fiends coming around, Morcleon released his lightning, ensuring to provide enough energy to kill it for good. Without the muscles contracting, he could just push the hand aside to step out. He felt pretty cool, until he turned around and saw 2 Pit Fiends, razor-talons out, grinning a smile-less grin, one of them preparing some kind of spell that involved 4 orbs of stone. Uh oh.

    Holy crap guys, I just hit the post size limit...
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