Clearsight reaches out to shake Verossa Carmine's hand.

'Well met, and I shall not gainsay you on that. After all I suppose you do hope so'.

'and Sir Zophokiel, I promise faithfully to serve for you as truly as I did my first master. A remarkable man, in that people often remarked on him. He saved my life, and though he taught me little, I learned much from him. I suppose you could say he made me the man I am today'.

At Drayner's reveal of his powers Raif Clearsight mutters ' I know there's going to be a surprise. Oh well, perhaps there won't be'.

He tilts his head, bemused at the gathering and thinks An excellent group. The splendid peacock Zophokiel seems to do an excellent job of deceiving himself. Of course appearances are deceptive. The lady Carmine says she's an outrageous liar, but I don't believe that for a minute. The gentleman, with the truthful eyes which lie to me, told me there'd be a surprise. Then the Gnome told me he's a liar too'. Felicitous day!'

Responding to Halabar 'Indeed. I am anxious to see what lies they wish to tell us. Take courage, if we can leave them waiting on our puppet strings, soon we moppets may have our puppetmasters dancing on our puppet strings'.