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    Eleanora listened to Verossa with a slight smile on her face, which twitched into a short-lived frown upon hearing "Outrageous Liar."

    Sense Motive (Dire Hummingbird): (1d20)[15]

    So these are the sort that my companions will be... The Dame thought to herself as her gaze swept over the rest of the party (and places where a dire hummingbird may have been). Her companions were, well, different to say the least, but the Council must have known what they were doing when they chose them, right? But then again there was that ordeal with Lord Saltmist...

    "Yes, it would probably be a good plan to see the Council now. I'm sure they have much they want to tell us." Eleanora said.

    What was the Council thinking? She'd just have to wait and see.
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