Tristan groaned. The world swam before his eyes, and he felt his head rotating with it. His eyes blinked lazily, attempting to be aware, but struggling to stay open.

"My duster was able to diffuse most of the force, but we may have a broken rib."

"Quick thinking on the shield, Wiz. Concentric, spherical, porous shields to spread out the force of our tumble. Like the bumper of a car. Meant to be crushed, but just enough to make the impact survivable."

"I had to do the same thing when I blasted myself to the top of an elevator shaft without thinking about how I would survive the fall. Who says I never learn?"

"Guys, I think we need to get this healed quickly. That thing's still out there, and more have appeared."

"Been on it since you took the hit, boss."

"Bones and muscles are easy. Concussions are a bit more challenging. This could take a while, especially without water."

"Alright, it's time for some evasive maneuvers. Harry and Spidey, take care of movement. Cid and Kitai focus on healing, but stay alert. The others may need your help at any time. First, we find out where the Invisifiend is."

He reestablished his concentric shields, making them thinner than they had been before, with more open space between each shield. Six shields in total, covering a thirty foot radius around him. And then he waited.

For a while, nothing happened. He was beginning to think that the demon had moved on to someone else. In any case, the delay was giving him time to heal his injuries. He could keep his eyes open without effort, and the world's movement had slowed to a slight wobble. Kitai and Cid worked fast.

Suddenly, the second outermost shield fractured, somewhere to his right, and Tristan understood why it took the Invisifiend so long to move. It had been trapped. As he turned toward the breach, the third outermost shield was fractured a moment later, so Tristan knew that his foe was charging towards him. Fourth, more certain of the demon's location. Fifth, almost positive. Sixth, now or never.

He lashed out with his webshooters, spreading a broad web of, well, webbing through the air in front of him. It was definitely not enough to halt the foe's movements entirely, if at all, but now Tristan had one thing he hadn't had before - sight of the Inivisifiend. His top half is the important part, right?

He threw himself sideways as the fiend's arm sped towards him, intent on a slightly more incapacitating blow than the previous one. As he dove, he mentally prepared himself for part three of their vicious duet.