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    In the grasp of the fiend, Morcleon could do nothing but watch the fire and flames draw closer. He closed his eyes, concentrating. "John Taylor. Do something about those flames. Please."

    "Heh... will do."

    He felt a power surge up, slightly more painfully this time. His gift spread out, reaching throughout existence to find what he desired. It locked on to its unique signature, and pulled it through the barriers between dimensions, forcing its way to his reality and general vicinity. A deluge of holy water crashed onto Morcleon an instant before the hellfire. "... why holy water?"

    "Eh, thought it was a useful precaution. It is hellfire, after all."

    "Ah, touche."

    Groaning, Morcleon retrieved his sword from where it had dropped on the ground. He looked up. He groaned again. "Some form of earth-based spell...? Wait... Lightning chakra beats earth chakra. I do sorely hope that this carries over to magic..."

    He ran through a series of hand seals, concentrating the chakra along his arm and into his hand, dividing it into a number of sharply focused projectiles. He continued to focus the lightning chakra, creating ever-increasing numbers of senbon. His sharingan spun again, targeting the vital points on the pit fiends, as well as the orbs themselves, hoping to defuse them. A moment passed. Morcleon fired, sending a hailstorm of concentrated lightning needles toward his enemies. Chidori Senbon!

    The instant his jutsu activated, he molded some chakra within himself, ready to replace himself with a convieniently placed log if the spell wasn't disrupted. He then had a curious thought. "Wait, it that a meteor swarm...?

    Convieniently placed log? Why yes, there is. For some reason, there's always a cut log ready whenever a shinobi needs to use the replacement technique. And who am I to remove such a long-standing staple of Naruto?
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