Jacob, Again, Or Is It Ganon!

Suddenly, Jacob began to giggle nervously, with his body shaking uncontrollably with pre-laughter. The mysterious, deep, mocking laughter continued for a handful of seconds, before a mystical energy exploded throughout Jake's body. The Sword of the Sages was seen coalescing into Jacob's fist, and the Triforce of Power materialized into his hand. The battle possessed man grew tusks from his mouth and he grew to resemble something more like an Orc or pig-man than a Human being. The laughter then became more like a dragon's roar. Suddenly, the man teleported into the nearest Pit-Fiend, attempting to cleave the upstart demon with a single cleave with supernatural strength, easily strong enough to cut through ten feet of castle wall. The size of Ganon/Jake? was equal at least to the Pit-Fiend he was cleaving.