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    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    Oh god now I have to don't I. Whelp.

    I'll just have to make it a greatest hits of broken spells, won't I.
    The spell of ultimate Crazy
    Miraculous Wish

    Level: Cleric/FVS 0, Wizard/Sorc 0, Paladin/Ranger 1
    Component: None
    Casting Time: Instant
    Range: As Defined
    Target: As defined
    Duration: See Text
    Saving Throw: none
    Spell Resistance: No

    Miraculous Wish may:

    Replicate the effects of any Arcane or Divine spell, upto 9th level, with any metamagics you know of applied. If replicating a spell, Casterlevel is equal to 20d%.
    Undo the effects of any spell.
    Rewrite history as according to your will.
    Create an item of upto +3200 Enhancement modifier
    Grant you any Abillity, power, or spell you know.
    Grant any number of Divine ranks, minimum 21

    When you cast Miraculous wish, it does not consume a spell slot for the day.
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