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    As Kate barreled into the devil, slamming into the wall and piercing it through with the finally unsheathed Excalibur, spattered with blood, vision filled with blue, feeling the impact and strange energies leaking off her foe, she realized something: she felt good.

    That first battle had been too soon, too chaotic; she wasn't used to her new capabilities, and had basically relied on the instincts pouring in from her other selves. And, while Kate had always believed that she could kill if she had to, she had mercifully never had to find out; Canaan and Saber were more than used to killing others, but generally took no pleasure in it, and Rei and Yu were used to more controlled fights against distinctly inhuman foes.

    But now....it hadn't been much longer, really, but it had helped immensely. Fighting a large scale battle had been one hell of a warmup. Talking with her other selves was good (especially given who they were). Even just walking around, seeing their new base, with it's incredible variety of weapons, armor, vehicles, fighters, and so on, and then walking around the city, Sigil, the center of the Outer Planes....she was starting to feel it, to internalize this new way of being. And these new opponents....there was no pity here. They may have been people, in some sense, but they were not worthy of her concern as such; where her selves ranged exactly from Neutral-Good to Lawful-Good, they were firmly Lawful-Evil. But they were smart and skilled and powerful, much like herself. She felt awake.

    "Kate, not to interrupt, but...."

    "Two more, incoming!"

    OK, now she was really awake.

    'Saber, not to sound like a broken record....'

    "Don't risk it yet. You've just unsheathed it and accessed its full form for the first time, we can't safely handle any more for a minute or two. Hold till it's stabilized. Or win."

    'Alright, let's do this.' "Reform: Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King!" The Pit Fiend she had speared screamed as the ripping barrier reformed around the sword, Kate turned to face the devils rushing for her and...."Release: Strike Air: Hammer of the Wind King!" The barrier of compressed wind impacted the impaled demon for the second time, this time tearing into its innards, and Kate shot forward toward her new opponents, sword back for a powerful slash.

    Not sure, but I think that did it for teh guy on teh wall.
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