Conor drags himself forward through the pain, biting his lip and trying to count how many Pit Fiends were left. 6 in the initial attack, 5 went "down", but only 4 died. Then 8 more appeared, bringing it to ten. From what he saw as he crawled for the tiny white stick of wood, he counted one more down from getting its head ripped off. 6 were inside the courtyard right now, 2 menacing Morcleon while 3 surrounded Necron and 1 scrapped with Erik. Another two charged Kate, and the other one was still stuck in the stone... He reached the Wand, grasping its smoothness in hands made of charred metal. He got up, slowly moving while ignoring the pain. When he finally stands, he has only to pick his target. Eridan assures him that whatever he picks has no hope at all.