"Surrounded by goons, holding the claw of one that seems to hurt them, a lot. Hmm, what to do." Tom smirks ducking a slash from one of the Fiends.
As he comes up he keeps going, flipping backwards over the 1st Pit Fiend and stabbing straight through.
Pulling it out he began the dance of death, assuming a duelist's stance as he ducked, weaved and parried the 4 incoming attacks until he suddenly reversed direction, delivering what would have been a savage backhand to the 2nd Fiend except with the claws, did a whole lot more.
The 2nd going down, even if temporarily Tom turned to the 3rd remaining and smiled ferally, and the devil knew Mercer had returned. With the claw he lashed out, tearing through the neck and pressing his other hand straight into it, dragging his demonic biomass into his body.
If any of the other 2 still live he slams his foot down on them, cracking bone ruthlessly.

"Come and get me!" He roared in a feral rage as claws stabbed out from his hands, looking more like the devil's than his standard form.

(OOC: ZEUS got claws from consuming a Hunter the first time, and absorbing various other enemies gave him other powers, consuming a Devil for his upgraded claws seems like his style.)

He stood ready, any wounds inflicted sealing themselves as the very dense virus stood with 3 bodies surrounding him.

All of his companions (read: you guys) feel an immense wave of emotion, driving them to unleash more devastating attacks or combos.
Any Force-Users who can sense Force Bonds will see tendrils linking all of them to him.

(OOC: The Exile forms Force Bonds very quickly. Kreia and Exile spend an hour of knowing each other and they gain pain-sharing. Anton is overwhelmed with rage if you decide to attack the owner of the apartment you rob despite being in contact for 1-3 days and he had a Force Bond with almost every single one of his troops at Malachor to the point that he shut off his Force Connection when they died so he wouldn't either)