Breathing heavily, a messenger breaks in. "Sir, urgent news! They plead innocent, they do. New reports, and an approaching deadline. Its suggested you read them now." He pushes some papers across the table.

The Count reads, expression darkening. Bladescape? "Corrupted? Is that a code name? Pray tell, you've heard this before?" A look of dismay as the servant responds promptly. "The name has never pased my ears. To tell the truth, I'm slightly suspicious."

"Hmm, interesting... Well. Here, run this missive to town. Quickly!" A rash change of decision. Or was it? Still too little to go on, but twas a strange turn of events. Why claim so strangely? There was something going on here, an he would get to the bottom of it. If it was the last thing he did.

All that was left was o pray he made it in time...

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