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    Alexander strides through the illogical vistas of Sigil, taking everything in anew. From the depths of his pocket, he feels a faint vibration. Pulling out his HoloNet screen, he activates it. Apparently his Cultist account on GITP has been notified of the appearance of other Playgrounders nearby.
    Fascinating. He pauses, moving to the side of the street. Gradually, he opens up the door into one of his subconscious partitions: the tavern of the Hero. The Waystone Inn, with its silence of three parts, remains exactly as Alexander left it. Kvothe the Bloodless (or Kote the Innkeeper, it was hard to tell the difference sometimes) sits at the bar, polishing glasses. He barely looks up at Alexander's entry.
    "How are things?" His flame-red hair, as always, lacks a certain luster in the half light.
    "Perfectly fine, thank you. So far, your abilities have proven to be the most interesting, if not the most useful to me. However, I do enjoy the faculties of your rather remarkable memory." The arcanist's green eyes hold Alexander's, saying nothing but expressing a deep sorrow.
    "I didn't come here in order to hear you carry on about the unfairness of the universe. Honestly, you can't blame me that Rothfuss died before he could finish your story. I wasn't paying attention earlier when the Lady of Pain made her announcement. Could you recite what she said?" Kvothe/Kote simply sighs again, running a hand through his hair and standing up.
    "From now on, no one leaves or enters until the Personae have found what they need. I suggest you all get comfortable with your new homes until then." He pauses. "Good enough?"
    "Yes, I believe so. I'll see you soon, I expect." In a flash, Alexander closes the door in his mind, finding himself on the streets of Sigil once again. It seems as though he had been missing out on some pointless, if entertaining fighting.
    Let's see if we can rectify that. After waiting for a moment to ensure that no-one else was present, Alexander shot upwards into the planar skies, his inborn gift for flight bearing him ever upwards. Below him, he could see the streets of his neighborhood in the Guildhall Ward, and all around the other 5 Wards that made up Sigil's ring. It doesn't take him long to find the source of the disturbance: the old Temple of Tharizdun. It looked like a mess already, what with the pit fiends and all. From his position high above, Alexander begins burning his reserve of tin. The additional information that floods his senses is nauseating at first, but he adjusts quickly.
    Time to sit back and enjoy the show.
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