John Happy to see the two birds crash into the ground with a solid thunk. Knowing that he won't have to deal with them anymore. His attention now turns to the giant melee on the ground below him. It's a shame Houndoom can't use smog right now he thinks to himself. Otherwise we could make a wall and force them to come at us from only one side.

He then looks down and sees the mens weapons beating their owners upside the head. Seeing this John bursts out in laughter. Knowing the reason why they are attacking their masters he informs the psychic I approve. Great Idea. via telepathy.

He continues to scan the battle field and sees Tony taking on a team of people. Go help tony. Use bite on one of the goons. Houndoom then charges at the goon that stab Tony and bites down as hard as he can on the goon's leg.

Bite acc 2 (1d20)[5](5) 15+ they flinch
damage (1d10+26)[3](29)