Morcleon responds quickly to the threat of other devils with what he knows as the counter to earth, lightning. Plus, lightning has worked so far, right? The devil was not charging an earth spell, however. Just after the hail of tiny electrically charged spikes left his hand, he recognized the rocks from a Meteor Swarm spell. Under normal circumstances, the spell summons 4 tiny pebbles that grow to boulders 2 feet wide, which explode on impact in huge balls of fire. He hoped like anything that his needles would be able to stop the Pit Fiend from casting the spell, because those needles weren't going to do much to it. But the other fiend was ready, and with a swipe of its hand, the needles had their magical energy Dispelled, allowing them to plink harmlessly against the hide of the devils. Except that it neglected to sap those that fired against the boulders, and then something odd happened. They were still about 1 foot in diameter, and even though the spell was not made of earth, the needles shattered the stones into tiny pebbles. The devil, now holding a galaxy of floating gravel, looked concerned at the state of its spell. Morcleon was worried now, as these demons seemed more... controlled. More intelligent than the others, too. Both devils' grins returned as each meteor in the nebula of loose stone grew, to 1 foot each, glowing with unholy energy. Unwittingly, Morcleon had shoved the power level of the spell up to gigantic levels. The devil with the hellgravel pointed its claw. Before Morcleon had time to move, he was engulfed in a rain of fiery howling meteors, impacting the entire area around him in a huge buckshot pattern. At each impact, a gout of grey-black fire with a sickly yellow center erupts. the combination of 30 or 40 meteors turns the entire courtyard into a sea of fire, that rises almost above the walls. Morcleon disappears entirely.

Erik tussles with his Fiend, bashing it over and over again, but never managing to do any permanent damage. Likewise, the demon tries to gain purchase on his armor, only to find its claws sliding and slipping on the near frictionless shields. Erik finally gets into a position of attack, and throws both of his arms forward, into the devil's eyes. Even though its body toughens over, like every other wound inflicted, it can't regenerate its eyes. Blind, it finally manages to pop his shield, grabbing him at last. Erik sees the meteors, though, and with a last effort of strength against the demon on top of him, squeezing him to death, he slammed its body into the ground between him and the impact site. The flames whirled about it, but Erik was safe behind the soon-to-be carcass of the demon.

Necron slashed with the claw he absorbed from the body of the first devil, but found a problem: Not all of the strength of the Pit Fiends was in their magically toughened hides. They were plenty tough all on their own, and despite his best efforts, he could only produce flesh wounds, that would kill lesser things, but seemed to be minor concerns of the fiends. He had near-ravaged all of them when he saw yellow-black fire rushing forward. He armored his skin with the Pit Fiend's collected skin, just as the devils around him turned their Fire Immunity on. But of course, their magic hides had been slashed and sliced to uselessness against the flames, and their blood boiled as they collapsed against burns they'd never felt before.