Meanwhile, outside the gates, there were fewer devils to deal with, and no magical fire save the leftovers that boiled out of the hole between the walls where the gates were. Jacob had gone seemingly insane, grabbing a glowing sword out of nowhere and impaling a Pit Fiend. A Pit Fiend that no one else could see. Kate, ready against the two charging her, looked sideways into the face of a devil about to gut her head to toe while invisible, now stuck on the end of the flaring white sword of Jacob/Ganon. Kate whips the sword back, and then forth again, ripping the Pit Fiend on the wall in half and blasting the other two backwards with concentrated wind.

They landed in a heap of snakes, serpents that had reeled from the heat of the flames now writhed over the two, seeking to bite and bite and bite.

While Tristan ducked the blow of the other charging devil, he reflected on the fact that it was mad as, well, hell. He had embarrassed it in front of its fellows, and for that it would try harder than anything to kill him. Its swipes were furious and quick, ignoring any attempt at defense or holding back. Tristan continues to spray web on it, outlining it more and more, to the point where the demon simply decloaks, its invisibility useless under the mass of web. He just kept dodging and dodging again, trying to find an opening or an opportunity to strike at it, but finding none that wouldn't get his stomach gashed open. When he heard the loud, clear ring of a bell, and the sound of a shout, "HEY PIT FIEND, HOLD STILL FOR A BIT". The Pit Fiend ignored Saraneth, but Tristan saw Conor holding the Wand of Science and understood. Calling on all his skills of maneuverability, he jumped, leaped, and dodged, until he was on top of the Fiend trying to kill him so very hard. he pulled back on its head using webs, until it looked like it was playing limbo, at which point he wrapped it in tons and tons and tons of webbing. Before it could rip through it like tissue paper he jumped free and shouted "NOW". Conor used the wand. A sound like the thunder of ten lightning strikes resounded, and a single gigantic beam of White Fire leaped from the Wand to the Fiend, holding still for all of 4 or 5 roaring, deafening, blinding seconds. When it was over, both of their ears were ringing, and the only sign that there had been a devil at all was the blast crater on the wall of the building behind it.

Alexander laughed.