Lord Henry Wallen - Kara Lythene
Lord Wallen was ready, as always. He wore a long, black robe, with no garments. He was very tall and skinny, and a bit pale.
His short blonde hair was in disarray, like always.

He saluted Kara politely, but only answered her question after they were seated down in his office, with a cup of tea for both.

"Mylady Lythene, that is a difficult question.
An older noblemen would answer that government should go to the person that had the most right to it, by tradition and lineage (Both of which can be highly arguable at this time and age).
I don't like my lineage too much, that is not a secret. You wouldn't like yours either if your father had thrown up in invauable art objets.
But I like and respect tradition, because it can bring security and happiness to people; as long as it doesn't create conflicts that have to be mended with blood.

Some commoners may tell you to destroy all nobility, and as you can imagine I deeply resent that.
I understand where that comes from, but I don't believe in governments that can destroy complete parts of society simply because they don't like such parts.

Others may tell you that we need to find a balance that allows commoners to prosper and grow, and that brings new life and change to nobility.
That new balance could include democratic elements, but would have to include some place for the nobles (Specially very honorable and harmless places where we can put the stupidest of my social class to make them feel important and keep them out of the way).

But, in the end it all comes down to what you want to do. I'm just a lord sitting in his castle. You can move the whole city if you mean to.

I would be willing to rally the nobles behind your cause, depending on what your cause is.
And I will be honest about my cause: My cause is the City."