Kara Lythene-Lord Henry Wallen
The woman takes a seat and waits quietly as you make your point, occasionally nodding her head at appropriate times, but overall keeping silent and very, very still. Her eyes, hidden by the darkened spectacles, could still be felt watching you as she listened, before you finished.

"I am happy to hear that. We of the EBSA believe that a democratic election and government is for the best of the city. I believe that most of the people have had enough of the petty tyrant controlling the city and through extension- their lives"

She leans forwards, and carefully removes her spectacles, revealing startlingly blue eyes as she smiles "Currently we are considering backing the Ram Revolution, but we wish to direct the course of the... formation of the government into something functional, legitimate, and orderly. Of course this means the backing of at least some of the cities nobility. What we are considering is two chambers of people. We are" she pauses and rolls her eyes "Currently in disagreement over some of the details of other power bases, but the EBSA top staff has agreed that one house elected by the people for legislating and a chamber of the nobility for overview. The exact nature of the power structure is not set in stone, and won't be until the meeting"

She leans back "Is this, perhaps, something you would support?"