To Blackfist Brotherhood [6]

Vassari considered his answer, before giving the boy a message: ‘’I will trust you. The whole mess in the Shattered Lands is because everybody wants to be ruling on the top, instead of working with what was given to them.’’


Vassari’s assistant Petyr scurried around the hospital in a perpetual state of hushed yelling. The doctor reprimanded him for disturbing the peace of the patients, but clearly you need to shout the ears off the people for them to do their jobs. There was a chance nobs were going to visit and those sorts could get offended over a fly on a curtains. Nothing said about some blue stuff spilled in the hallways to operations room, that nobody thought was his responsibility to clean. He was going to tear the ears off the cleaning staff. Had to keep stuff clean, cause doctor said it was good for patients. Had to keep stuff clean for nobs – Petyr didn’t like them, but they provided a lot of coin, the hospital was run on. He finally spotted the boy responsible for mopping floors, chatting one of the nurses. Well, he couldn’t shout, but he could humiliate the little snot in front of his girl. You could always find enjoyment in little things and the job didn’t look so bad no more.

Piggy-Piggy Snout Tavern

Doctor Vassari was relaxing near the fire, eating a goulash. It was hard to do it without staining the bandages and at home he usually didn’t bother. But it wouldn’t do to appear unkempt now. He realized that his position of safety in the neighbourhood hinged mainly on his reputation. The city was growing chaotic and he had to appear strong and unconcerned.
Several men at the table next to him were reading a pamphlet. Vassari’s eyesight was good and he read it, despite the dim lighting. EBSA was calling for a general meeting. He imagined the chaos and shouting that would occur, if half of the ‘’city lord wannabes’’ would decide to attend.

He pulled out the letter bearing EBSA official seal on it, already broken and quickly re-read it. Food for thought.

Bloodhaven Hospital, Dr. Vassari’s Cabinet

''The costs for materials are going to soar. I wouldn’t be surprised if local toughs would start to collect tolls for goods and raise protection money on craftsmen. Plus merchants always work in premium, for operating in high risk environment.'' Francesca commented, looking over the plans, spread on her table.

''Which the city will soon become.’’ Vassari replied. ''What are you estimates for the project?''

''You have to give me a little more time. And it will depend on the price, Orson charges for his shack.''

To GM Only

+++++ ++ t. Wealth: would they allow to construct an additional hospital wing?