Kara Lythene-Lord Henry Wallen
Lord Henry reflected deeply about Kara's words.

"I would agree."

"But I am not the issue" he thought.

"You should watch your back if you go to other of the big houses with this idea. One or two of the BigOlds wouldn't let you live long after hearing that.

I'm trying to join the smaller houses under a group protected by my banners, to be able to counterwight the old houses.
Any support you can give me in that would be apretiated.

What is your vission on the executive branch? A Prime Minister, a King or both?

Thorny issue, that is. I would choose both, were I at your place. The King would have veto power over some things, and maybe a private army. The PM would have more power in short-term decissions.

I tell you this because if you choose a king and not a PM, you will lose the support of the mob. If you put a PM and not a king, then the nobles are out.

And, as dumb as many of the older houses may look when they divide and fight their little wars, that would cause them to close their ranks and choose a leader.
Their private guards are insignificant individually, but a formidable force together.

Maybe the Ram or some others would win at the end, but it would be a bloodbath."