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Thread: Starcraft 2: 8 Medivac drop

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    Hey everyone. Just got the game. (three days ago)
    I had already played starcraft 1 a few times, years ago. no real experience, i used to lose the basic AI :P
    Anyway, i watched some HuskyStarcraft games (cause they're funny), and i tried a few times playing vs the computer.

    I started with Terrans (sounded easy, marines/maruders, stim, siege tanks) but then switched to Protoss because Warp gates are SO AWESOME (Both in terms of utility and sheer AWESOMENESS)

    Anyway, i did my placement games and ended up in Silver league. (won 2/5).
    Now i've played some games, i won 5/10 of them more or less.

    (Two of them might be considered cheating though, since i just got three Void Rays as soon as i could and then went and killed the enemy Zerg base :P). *

    Anyway, i think i'm pretty much ok. My usual strategy is four-gate, or maybe Colossi. Haven't used Templars yet, i'll try them.

    AND after this introduction, what i'm actually asking is some general tips.
    What exactly do i hotkey?
    What are good strategies against Terran, Protoss and Zerg?

    One thing i tried once (and actually worked) was send a worker at a random spot, completely away from me and the enemy, build a base and only use it for mining. Is that too big of a risk? not many people usually check every single place every single time..

    * Actually i tried that three times and once it didn't work because of multiple queens and Spore crawler =(
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    So yeah. your wrong.
    Check out Camp Archimedes, a (slightly homebrew) mercenary camp full of interesting units. A great addition to any campaign (in my very biased opinion)