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Thread: Starcraft 2: 8 Medivac drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandariel View Post
    Hey everyone. Just got the game. (three days ago)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Starcraft!

    (Two of them might be considered cheating though, since i just got three Void Rays as soon as i could and then went and killed the enemy Zerg base :P). *
    Unless you are hacking, you aren't cheating. Any strategy you use to win is valid.

    A void ray rush is considered somewhat cheesy though. If the other guy scouts it, he can defend it easy enough.

    What exactly do i hotkey?
    Hotkey anything you want to find quickly or often.

    General hotkey setups run something like this:
    1 - main army
    2, 3, and 4 - specialists, like ghosts, infestors, or high templar. Also, drops
    5 - Nexi, Command Centers, or Hatcheries
    6 - Barracks or Gateways
    7 - Factories or Robo Facilities
    8 - Starport or Stargates

    My personal hotkey setup looks like this:
    1 - main army
    2 - infestors or mutaliks
    3 - harassment group, usually mutas or speedlings
    4 - detection
    5 - hatcheries
    8 - third hatch queen
    9 - second hatch queen
    0 - main hatch queens

    What are good strategies against Terran, Protoss and Zerg?
    For protoss? I can't speak for how things work in other matchups, but most toss like to do a forge first expand into either six gate, five gate colossi, or some sort of air play against Zerg. Stupid six gates are a pain to shut down.

    One thing i tried once (and actually worked) was send a worker at a random spot, completely away from me and the enemy, build a base and only use it for mining. Is that too big of a risk? not many people usually check every single place every single time..
    You are in the low leagues, where they don't check things often. However, in the upper leagues, the good players check for hidden expansions. Zerg will have overlords hovering at every base location, terrans will spend a scan to check likely spots, and toss will have observers on patrol.

    That said, if you need gas and have way too many minerals, a hidden base can be a good way to try to convert some of those minerals to gas.

    Also, if you want to get better, a good way to do so is to watch Day9's Newbie Tuesday series of videos. Regardless of the race he focuses on on a particular day, he points out concepts that are applicable across all races.
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