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    The Ram Revolution
    Rot's Borough
    D ESP - 7

    Constantine Richter to EBSA (Private) -

    "Our revolution wants what every revolution wants. We are fighting for the rights of the downtrodden and oppressed. Universal suffrage for all adults in the city, as well as citizenship, and some sort of declaration of universal rights, such as the right to speak, to assemble, to hold office, etc. An elected leader that presides over a group of representatives from every part of the city that makes the laws, and a court system separate from the main government that is charged with upholding a constitution that is yet to be written. As you could imagine, there are a few things that are going to have to happen before the writing of such a document, as we would not want to have input from only Runner's City. Of course, this is all very idealistic, and I am unsure of how much will actually pan out, but it is my hope that our view of this government will be the same as the one that we put into place.

    TO the Street Men (NPC) -

    Surely you have heard of our great struggle for democracy. The Revolution is interested into expanding into Pisser's Kingdom, and as you are the rightful protectors of this area, we offer to fully integrate you into our growing government. In order to facilitate this, we would be willing to lend a hand in ridding your streets of the gang known as the "Knifehands". In exchange for this, we would expect your acknowledgement of the Revolution as the true government of the city, your deference to us in matters outside of your neighborhood, and the integration of your military forces into ours. We recognize the need to keep a militia for defensive purposes however, and would allow you to keep half of your forces (+ Mil) in Pisser's kingdom as a militia force, while the other half would be integrated fully into our army under Krodok. We await your reply, and will send a treaty for your leaders to sign with our next message, assuming you are agreeable.
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