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    Kara Lythene- Lord Henry Wallen
    She stands and bows again before turning to go, shooting a look over her shoulder as she does "If you ever need anything, feel free to stop by Lord Wallen.

    Kara Lythene- Wardens
    The pale woman sits, and slowly pulls back her hair, making sure its all in her long ponytail before she peers at the man from behind her darkened spectacles "Commander Tarmin, as you know the city will soon plunge into chaos- and despite the EBSA's best efforts, I'm sure it will be sometime before we receive a functioning legitimate government. "

    She leans forwards in her chair "I am here to discuss a agreement, to coordinate the cities various guard and military organizations so we can keep the violence in the streets down- and keep the civilian casualties down. "


    Kara Lythene- Constantine
    The pale woman nods as you speak "All those things are elements we at the EBSA agree with. What you need is three branches of support to help the popular branch of your movement. You need money, political support, and as unfortunate as it sounds... the nobles. "

    She sighs and cracks her neck before going on "Are you willing to compromise and discuss? For that is the only way we can contain the blood that will flow due to revolution"
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