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This just makes me want to make a tier 1 discipline. Just to see if it can be done.
I don't think it would be that hard. Each maneuver could represent one theme, but have multiple applications, and those applications do more than stabbing. You have, I dunno, Glorious God-King Mien, which can be used as either a Save-or-Suck AoE fear, a Diplomacy/Intimidate booster, a way of removing some status conditions (such as Shaken/Panicked/Frightened) from yourself and nearby allies, or a defensive measure that causes enemies to miss you out of stunned awe. And you change which way you use it every time.

Outpacing the Sun for your speed-boost, your teleport, maybe an AoE deafen and damage, etc.

Perhaps a stance, Transcendent Killing Arts Mastery, that allows you to invent new maneuvers for your discipline?