Douglas tried to keep to Truse as the thugs rushed at him.

Had he been a more focused combatant, it might have occured to him that with this many targets about, Vicuņa's area of effect attacks may have been more directly helpful than Truse's single target punches. Still, while he was steadily improving at thinking on his feet, that idea had not occured to him.

"Truse... wait." He said, softly - and was relatively ignored, as the machoke gave a fierce karate chop at one of the thugs who was adjacent to him. These people were actively attacking him and his trainer, and he had no interest in allowing either of the two of them to continue to be assaulted.



Douglas HP: 65/92
Truse's HP: 67/84

Truse uses Karate Chop on adjacent thug!
Truse's Attack Roll: (1d20)[7] (Critical hit on 17-20)
Truse's Damage Roll: (2d10+25)[35]