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Hoodoo Forest

The lizard jerks back once the wolf moves, skittering back several metres. So the mammal was alive. It's flat, thin tongue flickers in and out between its teeth, tasting the air. What was this strange creature so crassly sleeping in its territory? It moved like a living beast yet it smelled like carrion.

Whatever it was, the iguana had no desire for it to stay. It didn't trust its meat enough for a meal, but if it stayed than the iguana would have to drive it out itself. A second time, the iguana stretches its neck out, and hisses loudly. The multi-coloured fan of skin behind its neck unfolds, making it look even larger.

Final warning.
[Hoodoo Forest]

Tactically speaking, it would be the smart choice to back away. It would be more intelligent to simply leave to potentially safer grounds. However, hunger demanded otherwise. Hunger craved satiation and astutely pointed out that it could be easily done. Yes, it was large but hadn't larger things fallen before? Yes, this body was strange but perhaps the challenge would make the meat sweeter? Really, the only snag left was the one burning down from the sky, blurring vision and weakening muscles.

In the end, hunger managed to twist will into serving it's own interests. It was a hunt after all, was it not? And it was hunger that skewed the values of risk and reward. The wolf bared it's fangs at the hissing reptile, backing into the small shadows left by the towering rock spires at this time of day. Staying out of the sun would be key to this, after all, but if it was just able to do that... Well, certainly a beast of that size had quite a bit of blood inside it.