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    From his position, Alexander continues to survey the battle.
    Hmm. His morphing power seems to stem from a biological irregularity, much like many of my own. Given that shape-shifting is already under my purview, such an extension can't be too hard. He nods slowly, taking stock of the flow of the combat. Everything seems to be almost over already, today's foreseeable entertainment coming to a premature close.
    Let's see how these 'Personae' will fare under a focused attack. He begins by expanding his consciousness outwards, subtly overriding the senses of all sentient creatures within viewing distance and removing all traces of himself. To anyone paying attention, they will see only empty sky and hear only the faint whispers of a planar wind. Then, Alexander focuses the remainder of his will against the last unimpeded Pit Fiend, attempting to take over its mind utterly. Should he succeed, Alexander will compel its body to make a full attack against the closest Persona, abandoning all forms of defense or retreat.
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