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Well obviously, but why her for a tsundere rather than an actual tsundere? xD
For many, many reasons...

The question is, should I tell you those, or shall we just let the mystery continue?

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Obviously because Morph is a fem-Naruto in spirit. Maybe. I think.
My spirit is a good girl and doesn't afraid of anything! You make me think I should try cosplaying that though.

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Excuse me folks, I need to go order my casket online before this laughter finally manages to kill me.
Noooooes! I knew I should've used Alternate Personality Orihime!

That reminds me though, time to go watch new anime of Summer 2012! I'm already liking this one guy from Arcana Famiglia though. He has and is the omnomnoms. Plus I find it hilarious how it appears to be set up to be a harem anime, semi-disguised. Sword Art Online makes me have a face like in Pyromancer's spoiler though. No, wait, Arcana Famiglia does that too... eith way, I think I've found more stuff to occupy myself with. :3

On that note, while I continue to work behind the screens on Something Completely Different, I've actually gotten kinda curious how many anime fans are amongst the homebrewers here, what their favourite anime are (and favourite characters or other parts of anime). So, spill!

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