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    Default Re: The Blackwood - A Folkloric "Mini" Setting (WIP, PEACH)

    Content dump!

    First off, I found a cool picture of High Hall:

    It's got a very cool Neuschwanstein vibe, but it also looks like the type of place that would be terrifying if it were haunted. I also like that there's no implication of there being a settlement or anything nearby. For High Hall, I picture them being secluded to the point that all of the population lives in the castle, and the only out-buildings are things like hunting lodges scattered here and there. There would also need to be fairly large flower meadow somewhere, because High Hall is noted for its excellent mead.

    Next, I've got a little info about the seafolk culture. I typed it for someone who's about to join the game I'm running, and since I haven't posted anything on them yet, I figured I should.
    The Kareid diaspora is the wide range of cultures that survives in the wake of the Kareid Empire. It spans to all corners of the Central Sea, though only the Duchies carry on the decadent traditions of the old empire completely. Other cultures from the old empire vary, though all might be accused of decadence by outsiders. Most of them dye their skin every shade of the rainbow upon reaching adulthood. They often dress in garish colors, and are known for their women, who cavort in public, chests as bare as their men. Many of them love gold and jewelry, and they all seem to worship different gods.

    What is common amongst them above all is their affinity for the sea. They all claim they were born upon its breast, and there is no other race in Genara that produces such fine sailors.
    I've found that building a timeline is helping me out tremendously, even though most of it isn't anything more than dates and the names of various ages. Right now, I've got timelines spanning at least 3000 years for the West (Cerai), the Wood, the North (the Petty Kingdoms), the Sea (Kareid), and the Heights (Koss).

    A few months ago, I did heraldry for all of the major cities and factions of the Blackwood. Now that I've had time to let them percolate, there are quite a few that I think are terrible. However, I've uploaded the ones that aren't, so take a gander!

    Blackwood Heraldry (warning: image below is 700x1250 pixels. Image is hyperlinked in the title for ease of viewing.)

    Sentry Grove: A golden lion on a black and white field.
    Sky Pillar: Three nine-pointed stars of pure white on a deep blue field.
    Freeport: A yellow ship on a blue river, with a red field in the background.
    Three Rivers: Three blue rivers from NW to SE on a yellow field.
    Span: Three black bars of a portcullis on a dark blue blue field.
    High Hall: A golden honeybee on a purple field.
    Summer: A white sun on a sky blue field.
    Koss: The heraldry of Winter and Summer marshalled together.
    Winter: A blue ice crystal on a snow white field.
    Cerai, The Unified: A golden sun cross. Often rendered in iron and colored glass.

    Whaddaya guys think?
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