Erik takes a moment to catch his breath, but with the endurence of John and Alric, it is quickly caught. Before he can push off the devil, Aleandrea speaks.

'Let me. This shouldn't sear your armour...'

With a few jestures, Aleandrea releases a beam of acid into the devil, potent enough to melt almost anything shy of a Black Dragon, with more control then a scapal, Aleandrea keeps as much of the beast as cover until the last moment, then getting up quickly.

Sitting up, Erik grabs the staff, and repeats the Virtrolic blast, shaping it into a strange acid-lightning, he sends it forth to the closest demon, where it will jump to the next closest, and the next, and the next...

Blasting the demons with potent acid. Can get up to six within about 3m of the last struck each other.