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    The Crag

    "Hello, child." Mercutio comes to a stop several metres behind the witch. His hand rests on the spine of his spell-book but if he had any intention of summoning his cloud-rams, he would have already. He looks around curiously, but if he shows any distaste at the mess or the girl's dishevelled state, he doesn't show it. "May I sit by your fire?"
    "You may," says a voice, though it sounds far too old to be hers. Perhaps it only appears so - even the age of her flesh is hard to determine. She points to a spot across the fire with one slender hand and bids him, "Make your place, sit. It is your fire just as it is mine."

    The witch is wearing a leather tunic, patched together from the tanned hides of at least a dozen small animals. It loops around her shoulders and thighs, leaving her upper back exposed as Mercutio saw. A pair of torn trousers warm her legs vainly. The witch's feet are bare, despite the dangerous cold. She wriggles her toes in the ash at the base of the fire.

    The hag's body is pierced in many places, and strange articles dangle here and there. Loose bracelets swing at her wrists, disturbed only by the passing of the mountain wind. Her face is swept at the edges and pointed at the chin, like a heart. Her age, as was said, is indeterminable. She has eyes like the crows around them, beads that gleam in the growing firelight.

    For now, she watches him from across the flames, hugging her raw, bleeding knees to her body. It seems she scraped them climbing.
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